Since 2010, I have worked as a freelance science journalist for a variety of online and print publications.  I am passionate about communicating scientific ideas to lay audiences, and believe that clear, story-driven writing can play a key role in driving public enthusiasm and support for research.  My work has been published by MIT News, Monterey County Weekly, Stanford University‘s The Dish on Science and the Monterey Bay Aquarium‘s Science and Conservation Blog, among others.  Below, please find a chronological list of my publications to date.


The strange seahorse tail

Exploring invisible worlds

International partnership confirms a new Baja nursery for white sharks


The birds revisited

Honoring Congressman Sam Farr’s ocean legacy

The spooky science of shark mummies

Voices for change: spreading the word on sustainable seafood

Food for thought: exploring sustainable solutions

Our surrogate-reared sea otters are helping restore a wetland

Camera to crack a white-shark mystery

Sea otters are handy with tools

Shark fins, unique as fingerprints

Seawater Sleuthing with eDNA

Tirelessly Tracking Bluefin Tunas


Sea otters and abalone: A special synergy

Monterey based researchers use nature to fight skin-burrowing parasites

Hopkins scientist researches the collisions between cargo ships and whales


Monterey researcher creates SharkPulse smart phone app for shark pictures

Monterey SCUBA divers help collect and map underwater trash


Sea star wasting disease affects Monterey Bay

Marina-based company builds devices that help scientists track ocean giants

Monterey fisherman develops new, eco-friendly trawl gear

Sea otters’ favorite snack may be surprisingly resilient in an acidifying sea

Citizen scientists tap GIS technology for cleaner oceans

Fast Raft Eco Tours does unique Monterey Bay joyrides

Sand City pigeon poisoning may have had unintended consequences

Pacific Grove librarian chronicles how women trailblazed hands-on science education


Regulators consider forage-fish catch limits; enviros warn of sardine collapse


A new use for gold


P.C. Diana LaScala-Gruenewald